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India’s Battle Against COVID-19 Pandemic - Story of Humanity

Published on : 17, May 2020

In late 2019, a new threat to the world emerged from the famous seafood market of Wuhan, China to which we now know as the Coronavirus. This is a story about the perseverance of humans and unfurling of nature because of the strong will power of Indians.

India is the 2nd largest country in terms of population on the face of the planet Earth with 135 crores people living together as one nation. Even though India has a huge diversity when it comes to culture, language, religion, every Indian lives in harmony with one another and has always shown great strength of togetherness whenever needed. In March 2020, India was impacted due to the novel Coronavirus and the whole nation went into the biggest lockdown ever in the world's history. Ever since we are seeing heroic acts of humans who not only saved many lives but now are saving the world in a way. Let’s see how?


Not Beware, It Is Be Aware!

India made sure that there was social containment even before the disease took off so that the disease could not spread. Every Indian phone call starts with a ringtone, which is the COVID-19 warning as to what one should do to stay safe. The government has launched an app called Aarogya Setu, which tells how far the nearest COVID-19 affected person from you is. The NGOs have been spreading all information that one should know about COVID-19.

All Indians have followed these guidelines and instructions to a great extent and are helping the nation by observing lockdown strictly to overcome the COVID-19 in spite of all the trouble they are facing.


The HashTag #Goodnessneverstops

All travel by air and land has been stopped fully so that one case from one state does not reach another state and create a panic situation. If you still have to travel by car, then you need the government permission before you do so.

The government has also launched a PM fund where all individuals can contribute, and there are similar CM funds and private society funds that go towards safeguarding the poor and needy. State NGOs are collecting food from the homes of individual societies and distributing them to the poor. As always Gurdwaras are donating free food to anyone in need. The government is distributing money to those who have taken on foot to reach their residence in villages. The government has ensured that there is awareness. The government is distributing free masks and food to all as far as possible. Drones are keeping an eye on all alienated regions; drones are also giving medical supplies. Rapid testing of the virus is being done. The government has issued free food and amenities to those who cannot afford food. 

All this is being called the breath of hope movement. The hashtag #goodnessneverstops has also been going viral. Under this hashtag, if you have personal staff, which is not able to come and work because of the corona, you have to give them a free salary for that duration.

Gas cylinder delivery staff, e-commerce supplying essentials items, food delivery options, medical stores, doctors, bankers, sanitation workers are working double shifts to keep things in order across the nation. 


Come On India

Let alone the government but Indian Industries are not far behind. They have donated to make sure no one dies of hunger.




Tata Group

1500 Crore

Reliance Group

500 Crore

Larsen, and Toubro

150 Crore


100 Crore


100 Crore


100 Crore


100 Crore

Arcelor Mittal

100 Crore


100 Crore


100 Crore

Kotak Mahindra

50 Crore

Asian Paints

35 Crore


25 Crore


25 Crore

Jindal Steel And Power

25 Crore


All these companies have also dedicated their workforce towards nation-building at such a time. Now we know that our country’s industry leaders can take integrated action against any happening. These industry leaders have stepped up and feel the patriotism in their veins. Many more leaders are coming forth and spending money to provide masks, kits, R&D, hospitals, testing kits, and money that goes towards treatment. 


Bleed Blue

These leaders have come up with a unique idea where they are saying, each rich family should go ahead and adopt three more families, and the movement should become prevalent and widespread so that we can fight poverty as well as COVID-19.


Impact of Lockdown on the environment

Because of all air travel, rail travel, and transit by road. This further means a lot less air pollution and greenhouse gases. The climate in India is cooling and recovering. We have also shut down all oil-related and other industrial activity and transport, which is directly related to carbon dioxide, and there will be less greenhouse gas emission. It also means less nitrogen dioxide in the first quarter of 2020. Now, there will be lesser irritants to the lungs, and there will be lesser global warming. The ozone layer has recovered to a great extent because of this reduction in air pollution.


How Beautiful Is Nature! 

It is not all modern science, though. Nature is showing how beautiful life is. The Ganges River is all cleaned up. That makes one elated. This holy polluted river is the lifeline for many Indians, but it had become quite polluted because of industrial and other discharges. The government kept trying to clean it up by pushing millions of dollars into it but to no avail. However, the lockdown has helped the river like no other method could have. 

That is not all. It is a 5% annual drop in harmful substances in nature. There have been unusual sightings of animals such as the Asian antelope coming down to the street because there is no bumper to bumper traffic and deafening noise on the streets. One should know that Tirupati is the hill temple that is shut, and so are other temples; this too has led to much lesser pollution on air, land, and water. Deers have been spotted in the area walking freely. In Kozhikode, a civet was seen as well. The animal came from the Western Ghats. Mumbai is not far behind and has seen peacock visitors from the nearby forests. Dolphins have also been seen in the Marine drive area and the Malabar hills.

 There has also been the Rhino in the Guwahati city, which is a city with forest reserves and wetlands. Adorable moments of a black fox howling in the area have also been noticed. 

 The travel industry has come to a standstill, because of which there is no rush on the sea coast. So, the sea turtles in TN have laid 60 million eggs thanks to the fact there have been empty beaches. These Olive Ridley sea turtles have been called endangered species but are now recovering.


The Changes Of The Very Earth

If that was not all, the earth is surprising to us more. This means that earthquakes of a small magnitude will also be detected with more accuracy because of lesser noise on the planet. This is mainly due to the lesser vehicular noise and human movement. Seismic stations are usually located away from the traffic, ocean waves, and other noises, and since it is now quieter, it is easier to detect earthquakes. Even if a person walks 500 m away from the Seismic zones, the activity can be recorded, so now earth crust activity can be recorded. 


Humans And Animals Are Warming Up! 

But, this was the story of humans. The question is, can we forget animals in this pandemic? asks the ministry of the environment. The COVID-19 story of animals is a happy one. WHO, first of all, declared that animals could not catch or spread corona. This made sure that people did not disown their pets and kill or harm the animals. If you have a pet and you knew that animals could spread COVID, then your pet would have been abandoned. That would have been a bad fate. But things are brighter. NGOs, governments, and individuals have been going the extra mile to make sure no street or stray animals go without food and water. It is a mere test of character. Soon, we will rise above the virus, and it will be a story of love. The stories such as love in the times of corona have already started reaching us. Let us also open our hearts to the squawking of the birds on our window sill, the birds which are still alive. 

At length, we can say that nature has adapted and many global leaders such as the Indian PM are saying we would not indulge in wildlife trade post-COVID and if there were a wildlife lover, he would be beaming because he would rather give up the bleeding bags, the eyelashes used as makeup, the skin converted into a jacket, he would rather have a croc that could have been killed, look deep into the mind's eye telling he is safe and would not die, rather love that duck than break its bone to be worn on the skin. COVID-19 would leave and would have left us a little bit more human, together we can, and we will love and survive.


*Donation values mentioned here are sourced from the internet.

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