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Amenities to Consider Before Buying a Property

Published on : 30 Jul, 2021

We are all aware that home purchasing can be a tiring task, isn't it? To make your task easy, here is a short guide that will throw light on the amenities that you should consider while purchasing your dream home.


Top Ongoing Projects in 2021 in Pune

Published on : 05, Jul 2021

Ever wondered why Pune is becoming one of the fastest developing cities in the entire country? Here are a few reasons why:


Neighborhoods to peep into, before buying a property in 2021

Published on : 30, Jun 2021

Scouting for the perfect, cosy spot to settle? If you’re looking to buy a property this year, here are some of our favourite localities in Pune that will make your dream bigger…


India’s Battle Against COVID-19 Pandemic - Story of Humanity

Published on : 17, May 2020

In late 2019, a new threat to the world emerged from the famous seafood market of Wuhan, China to which we now know as the Coronavirus. This is a story about the perseverance of humans and unfurling of nature because of the strong will power of Indian


Smart Home Explained

Published on : 17, Jan 2020

Let's see how technology has evolved to make our life simpler where Smart Home is the next big thing.


Digital Marketing #101

Published on : 13,Jun 2019

Targeting the right kind of people to deliver the right kind of result is what Digital Marketing is all about - Ensuring survival for your business. Let's learn more about it.


New GST rate cut: Yet another reason to buy a home!

Published on : 11 Mar 2019

GST council Finance minister Arun Jaitley announced some major changes in tax rates which provide some relief to a taxpayer. Let's explore how?