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Why are spacious homes gaining prominence?

Published on : 26, Oct 2021

If you thought the pandemic would change not only our lifestyle but also the way we work, you were probably right. Wellness concerns and evolving working conditions have prompted many home seekers to rethink the way they live. In this blog, we explore


Built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area explained

Published on : 19 Oct 2021

Have you ever planned to buy your dream home? Then you must have come across terms like built-up area, super built-up area, and carpet area. So what exactly do these terms mean? Let us take you through them.


How Pune Real Estate evolved with the COVID situation

Published on : 07, Oct 2021

The pandemic had a massive impact on various sectors, how can Pune be an exception to that? In this blog, we discuss what ups and downs the Pune Real Estate Market has seen in this COVID situation.


What are the various ways of owning a property in India?

Published on : 26, Sep 2021

Property is considered to be an immovable asset. What determines its ownership is the type of legal claim one, joint or several owners have over the property. In this blog we explain is ‘ownership’ and how is it defined?


Two of the Best Investment Hotspots in Pune

Published on : 23, Sep 2021

Pune stands out as one of the greatest places to live, with a wide range of excellent amenities, facilities, and quick access. In this blog, we will reveal two of the most sought-after areas in Pune for your ideal investment.


Home-Seeker: Why Must You Invest in Pune?

Published on : 15, Sep 2021

When it comes to selecting the ideal residential location, Pune is the best choice. We've put up a list of reasons why investing in Pune is the greatest option.


Book your new home with the blessing of Ganpati Bappa!

Published on : 08, Sep 2021

Welcoming Bappa! The wait is finally over. Ganeshotsav is an excellent time for new beginnings. In this blog, we talk about what welcoming Ganesha into our homes means during this auspicious time.


Rewards of Investing in Newly Launched Ventures

Published on : 26, Aug 2021

What's so rewarding about investing in a freshly launched venture? How does this type of property benefit the consumer? In this blog, we take a look at all the benefits of investing in newly launched projects.


Why is Punawale one of the most investment-worthy locations of 2021?

Published on : 09, Aug 2021

Who would not want to reside in Pune's most in-demand and beloved location, that too the one buzzing with upcoming residential projects? We most certainly would!


Few Tips For First-Time Homebuyers

Published on : 07, Aug 2021

Are you a first-time time homebuyer? puzzled? Are you wondering where to commence? Here is a list of all the things that you should consider to find your home to be at peace.