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About Us

Who we are
EstateMint is one of the leading Real Estate Consulting companies having its operations in Pune and Mumbai. It was established with a view to ease the home buying process for its customers. We believe that a home is where happiness is and to find your happiness is our mission at EstateMint. We have developed cutting edge technology platforms and research tools in order to deliver you most of the rich knowledge in the field of real estate and empower you to make informed decisions. Our research teams work seamlessly to gather humongous data and derive meaningful insights from it. We help customers understand the complex and dynamic nature of real estate and realise their requirements clearly. Our professional consulting approach has helped many customers make better, faster decisions.
People and values
Our people make us different. We are passionate about providing the best service to our customers. We value hard work and we strive to add profound inputs to your decision making process. We undergo rigorous learning sessions in order to be the best in the sector. We don't work like agents; we work like partners in decision making, always available at your service. We share our customers' aspirations and align our goals with their requirements. We always like to convey to our customers that we will be with them throughout their decision to buy the right home and even after that. We value relationships.
What we do
When people ask us what we do, we are tempted to point to our successful track record of helping customers find their dream homes. It's true. Through our professional and analytical approach, we work hard to deliver enduring results to aid your decision making process. Our passion, our values, our people and our methods are those intangibles that make us different.
We come with a technology background and we are driven by analytical approach. We hold research and data in high regard. Research helps us in ensuring that you get all the relevant facts to make an informed decision.
Sourcing data
Real Estate is an unorganised sector. Unlike other sectors contributing majorly to our GDP, real estate is not regulated. So there is no major repository of data pertaining to real estate which one can refer to. So we work very hard to gather data about real estate market, the latest happenings in this market and manage our own data repositories. Our data gathering team is always on the field visiting almost all the projects every week in order to ensure that the data with us is up-to-date and that we are aware about any new upcoming launches or pre-launches. Our trained consultants when not assisting a customer are always on the field interacting with different stakeholders of various developers and gathering vast knowledge about this dynamic sector.
Knowledge center
The vast amount of data is of no use if we can't make sense of it. So our research team works seamlessly to derive meaningful insights, spot patterns and produce the conclusions in an understandable way. All the derived insights, patterns, etc. are put into our knowledge center. This knowledge center is accessible to the entire team of EstateMint. We produce internal reports from the knowledge center that help all of us at EstateMint stay up-to-date about the market. We ensure that we produce all the relevant facts and meaningful insights to you in order to support you to make the best decision.
Doorstep service
We aim to become the favorite real estate portal globally by achieving the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction. Doorstep service is our way of conveying our commitment towards making your home buying a hassle free and a highly satisfactory experience. Doorstep service is not only a mark of our service but also an important ingredient of our methods. Our systems and people need more inputs from your side in order to make you understand the complex nature of your requirements. We help you judge different properties based on multiple parameters considering various aspects of your life. Every smile we bring on our customers' faces makes us better and better in delivering these smiles to you. That's what we are here for; to find your happiness.
Delivering happiness
We are a passionate group of individuals united by our strong values and our belief that a home is where happiness is. We at EstateMint are committed to find happiness for you. Our systematic structures, our data & mathematical models operate in background in sync with our highly trained and professional consultants to deliver the delight to our customers.